Nerd Confession 16092015: I like to Fact-Check Episodes of The Big Bang Theory After Watching Them On Netflix

I’ve picked up and started re-watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory lately since @NetflixDE added it a while back.

Ever since hearing that the show has physicist David Saltzberg check all the science on The Big Bang Theory, even the equations on the whiteboards are real, other aspects of the show like most of the scientists, astronauts, and other guests actors that appear on the show play themselves. Each episode is titled to represent an actual scientific principle, theory or experiment, which will whimsically tie into the episode’s  plot point.

All that nerdiness combined and refined and into a hilarious sitcom suits my kind of inner geek just fine. Sadly, though I can’t resist the urge to know more about what they’re talking about and turn to the internet for an explanation.

The latest show I watched was Season 4 Episode 2 “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification.” Sheldon being Sheldon estimates how long he will live, concluding he has he only has 60 more years to go at best.

Clearly upset he casually states that he intended to reach the point in time when he can merge his mind with a machine and live forever via advanced technology. To see his plan through to fruition, he decided to diet and exercise. Initially he starts by eating cruciferous vegetables and he quickly realizes jogging is simply not for him, so in order to preserve his health and extend his life until technology is advanced enough to participate in what he calls “the singularity” Sheldon creates a robot version of himself calling it a “Mobile Virtual Presence Device” (MVPD) with the idea that until he experienced “the singularity” his remote control “Shel-Bot” could navigate all the hazards and perils life has to offer while he stays behind in a “secure, undisclosed location” …aka his bedroom.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet I’ll try not to ruin it for you by telling you much more about it other than that the first of those funny sounding veggies were brussel sprouts so, I left those off my list of interesting things mentioned on the show that I wanted to fact check.

It took a fair amount of wading through a cacophony of theoretical conspiracy and outright crazy before I ultimately turned to Wikpedia and familar News Channels on YouTube for answers. As it turns out mad-in-the-head Sheldon Cooper may just actually have a shot at his quest for eternal life in real life… which, gotta say it kind of surprised me.

Michio Kaku a well know physicist does a fairly good job of explaining the concept on RT.



BBC published this to their channel two days ago “the singularity” is better explained at the 9:27 mark in the report.



RT had a fairly interesting report mentioning the show Six Million Dollar Man… I don’t Sheldon would have approved of the tech from the show back when it was produced.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released last month that they’ve worked out a few more of the kinks improving their robot with human reflexes.



I had to refer to Michio Kaku once more to better understand… I’d say he does a fairly decent job of explaining the basic concept.



The most fascinating company pioneering this into possibility is the 2045 Initiative. It seems so futuristic I had to double check that it was real. It seems so incredible that I really thought I was watching an ad for a video game, but apparently the 2045 Initiative is the real deal and not just what looks like the ultimate update to my kid’s Disney Infinity  gaming system.

The YouTube channel



All of this nerdiness ineveitably led me to articles on the the ethics and / or  pros-cons? of dating a robot. I care about none of this, but since the top was brought up I give you Futurama’s take on the subject of “dating robots.”

Which is kind of funny considering a conversation Sheldon had in Season 4 Episode 22 The Wildebeest Implementation which goes as follows: Leonard: “Excuse me, but Einstein had a pretty busy sex life.” Sheldon Cooper: “Yes, and he never unified gravity with the other forces. If he hadn’t been such a hound dog, we’d all have time machines.”


With that I give you Bob Newhart as a Jedi Knight on the show.

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American expat in Germany, novice blogger, amateur artist, rehabilitated couch potato, smartphone addict, full-time father, husband and terminal nerd.


American expat in Germany, novice blogger, amateur artist, rehabilitated couch potato, smartphone addict, full-time father, husband and terminal nerd.

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