Three Days With Willi

The Following Story “Three Days With Willi”  Is Fictional And Does Not Depict Any Actual Person or Event, Only The Locations, And My Daughter  Alexia Exist In Reality.

This is Willi, a monkey who lives at our youngest daughter’s kindergarten the St. Albert Kinderhaus in Lindleinsmühle, Würzburg. That is where he lives but tends to stay with a different kid three days at a time throughout the school year. Alexia’s homework assignment is to write about what it was like to have him stay as a guest then the school will eventually complete all of the stories to a book. As soon as Willi got to our place he bounced into our best plants claiming they were one of his favorite comfort foods.

After being shooed out of the kitchen, he apparently hashed the girls room and tried to hide in their chandelier.

Before we could get a hold of him he was gone in a flash disappearing to the front of our home. We found him in one of the potted plants of the living room. Ecstatic from everything he saw, before we could say anything he leaped across the room, dangling from our pull-up bar then shot back across to our balcony. Taking to the balcony like white on rice he seemed overly intrigued by the balcony only staying still long enough to have his picture taken while he inspected the tomato plants on the balcony railing.
All of this took place within only a few minutes but was apparently enough to exhaust him and once Alexia sat on the couch to watch Pokemon on Netflix he hesitantly scootched his way over, sat next to her and promptly fell asleep for a late afternoon nap.

We straighten up as he napped then fearing none of us would get any sleep we took him to the playground Aktivspielplatz Steinlein to burn off some of the extra energy.

On the walk home Willi revealed that his real is Count Willhelm von St. Albert The 33rd but his great grandfather had lost the family title “Graf Wilhelm von Sankt Albert.”  Willi’s great grandfather had been part of a trade between the masonic lodge in Wuerzburg had made with pirates who eventually sold him to Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in Singapore back when the island had been nothing more than a trading outpost for the British empire.

William, the former pet monkey of a British pirate moved to Germany with no expectations of gratitude or any idea of the new life that await him.

For generations, members of Willi’s family had lived in the residence and had free reign of the Würzburg Residence Palace and its gardens downtown Wuerzburg. His great grandfather William had been given a wooden area by the Lindlein’s Mill on the outskirts of the city as a gift rewarding him for his diplomatic skills and ability to entertain all of the members of high society that frequented the Residenz palace. By the late 50’s Willi’s family had essentially completely moved out to the beautiful countryside of Lindleinsmühle enjoying a comfortable life and had been awarded the title of Count from Saint Albert, and priorities of Church St. Albert that was being constructed about there.
As the church grew and people started to move in Willis grandfather, ever the socialite became engrossed with the changing times, often going to Grafenwöhr or Vilseck to watch Elvis secretly perform in the nearby Gaststätten. As Rock & Roll, free thought and self-expression continued to progress Willi’s great uncle kept up with all of the changes, becoming a deadhead, even leaving his home to follow the band.

To finance his year as a Deadhead groupie Willi’s grandfather sold most of the land to construction companies and apartment buildings started popping out all over the Lindleinsmühle property. By the 80’s Count Wilhelm von Saint Albert was a shell of his original self a burnt out dead head groupie desperate to keep the party alive, Willi’s grandfather started associating with less scrupulous American soldiers stationed in Wuerzburg , one thing led to another and before he knew it Wilhelm’s great grandfather was involved in all forms of backdoor deals including trafficking and arms deals. He was essentially living out his own version of the movie Buffalo Soldiers


Inevitably one of his cohorts turned him in and he had to sell his blue-blooded Adelstitel to afford the legal fees and end up exonerated.

Ever since then Willi’s family has been relying on the mercy of the local church taking up residence in their local church from kindergarten. Willi said all of this in a matter of feet away, admitting there are days he looks at the neighbourhood thinking of how all of it should be his, and if it were he would be traveling the world visiting zoos across the globe.
Willi impressing the lady monkeys, but it is what it is, the church and kindergarten are good to him and he loves being known simply as Willi the monkey. He thinks it’s great that the kids open their homes to him and he has formed friendships he would never trade for half the wild fun his great grandfather Wilhelm had embraced with such reckless  abandonment.

By the time we got back home from AktivSpielplatz Steinlein Willi, was perking back up  again, with a renewed sense of  curiosity which was  starting to get the better of him.

After several hours of going through, tasting, and inventorying everything in our home, he seemed to settle once in our bathrooms, fascinated that our toilet didn’t have a  built-in shelf.

I explained that like most older buildings in Germany the apartment we lived in in Nuremberg we had a shelf toilet for 8 years but when we moved to würzburg our current home had been renovated before we moved in.

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American expat in Germany, novice blogger, amateur artist, rehabilitated couch potato, smartphone addict, full-time father, husband and terminal nerd.


American expat in Germany, novice blogger, amateur artist, rehabilitated couch potato, smartphone addict, full-time father, husband and terminal nerd.

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